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3B Aircon installation takes customer service seriously. With every installation, we offer a FREE service whereby we personally contact you with a reminder when your air conditioning system is due for servicing and filter replacements.

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Clean your filters, this is one of our most common faults being a blocked or dirty filter.   Write down the Model number of the out- door machine and what fault code if coming up on your controller.  Give us a call to discuss what the problem may be.

3B Air conditioning installation services: Faulty air con Troubleshooting advise :

How incredibly painful is it when in the middle of summer or winter your

air conditioning system fails on you!  We know you need help fast and do

our best to fix the problem as soon as possible. Regular air conditioning maintenance ensures your AC is running at optimal levels with the maximum amount of air and performance. Sometimes we want to avoid getting our air conditioner serviced so here’s a few things to get you started without us.

Reset the system (sometimes it could just be a small fault, try resetting

the system at the breaker for 5 minutes and turn back on and see how it goes)

What Brands of Air Conditioning Units do we repair?

We repair almost all brands of air conditioning systems, in fact if we can source parts for your broken air conditioner we will always offer you a price for fixing your broken air conditioner. Sometimes other companies will send out an inexperienced apprentice to check what’s wrong with your system. With every  3B AirCon installation we only send out fully qualified air conditioning trades people, with a minimum of 10 years experience in the industry. We specialise in the following brand repairs and will not walk away from the job until we are confident of your air conditioning problem.

LG Air Conditioner Repairs / Installation

Daikin  Air Conditioner repairs / Installation

Jet Air Air Conditioner Repairs / Installation

Samsung Air conditioner Repairs / Installation

Gree Air Conditioner Repairs / Installation

Infinity Air Conditioner Repairs / Installation

Maintaining your air conditioner is a must and if not done regularly, your air conditioner will perform poorly.  There are many reasons an air conditioning system may need fixing or servicing such as:

What type of Air Conditioning Systems do we Repair?

We can do all types of  air conditioning repairs such as: